Vault hunters

Session #4

General Fossy, the barbarian of the party keep the medusa’s head for future use. They found a small door with scripts in some kind of draconic dialect who nobody understood really well, afeter crossing that door they realized that they have entered the lost city of Aphonia, the capital of an old and forgotten civilization.

Belmorn try to learn about the city while the rest of the explore all over the place, afer 2 days reading in the old library he told them that there’s a beas over there, guarding the place. They run to the first door they could see (it wasn’t the one they use to get in to the city) and when they were about to cross it the beast attacked (Remorhaz MMI 3.5), Tami the samurai, gave the final blow.

They crossed the door and found 6 drows in a encampment, they flee when Persephone (16 year old elf warlock) told them that she was a godess from the Lust Plane, they released a Iced Hydra who was killed by Theon and Persephone, who almost got killed in the act.

Searching in the cave they found a barbarian who yells “I killed the witch!” the so called witch was Yllaries, Belmorn’s partner. They attacked the barbarian and killed him, Persephone kept his greatsword (+1 and a weapon of legacy, she doesnt know) Caronte the wizard kept the arms armor (also magical, but he doesnt know) and General Fossy kept the collar made with snakes heads from the ice medusa (that protect him from turning into ice).

The spirit of the Barbarian told them to open the Time Portal before is too late, they discover how to do it after they killed an ogre, Caronte opened the portal, Fossy and Persephone got in while Theon protected Caronte. Inside the portal they talk with the old god The Turtle (who lives underwater creating water for the world because the earth is plane and the water is always falling to the infinite void). They start a Q&A with The Turtle and they learn more about their mission, they must open the vault so the magic could flow free in the world and they balance will be restored.

They left the time portal and got outside the cave using Persephone’s new sword as a “key” outside they found a nomad encampment, and they found a Kender who used to be their friend, he gave them some old horses and they head south, following the instructions of the Turtle. Belmorn’s next partner must be in the southern jungles. The next nomad encampment was a amazon/lesbian place and Persephone got laid, the next day they found a dog chariot and some drunk kender pirates, they show them the place where they keep they secret stash of alcoholic drinks from all over the world and we stop over there.



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