Vault hunters

Session #2

Eemon leads them to an old and abandoned tower, where the first of the five guards was hiding. He was a Paladin named Belmorn, who happens to be Eemon’s half brother.

They were heading south to the Dwarven mountains to find a cave where Belmorn thinks is hiding his next partner, as soon as they enter the Dwarven mountains a platoon of 50 dwarfs thunderers yells them to stop and, Valenar elf Duskblade started to mock about their height, he was killed by 10 bullets after 4 of the missed him.

They flee north to the Elven forests, there Theon elf Rogue enter their sacred tree temple to steal two white lotus, so he and Fossy half orc Barbarian could begin with their seven trials to become part of the White Lotus order (The one that Belmorn is part of).

They are outside the temple getting ready to leave to Iced Caves, where they think they might find a clue about Belmorn’s next partner.



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